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To Build, Protect, & Preserve Our Clients' Financial Security


Keeping Our Clients Vision On Track By Implementing Complete Personal, Business And Estate Plans While Delivering An Extraordinary Relationship


To Implement a Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan For Every Client Built Around Their Personal, Professional, And Financial Goals while intergrating insurance and investment strategies that take your unique legal and tax situations into account.


 Integrity, Commitment, Excellence 


"Who's helping plan your financial future?"

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Who We Are

There are three things that are different about Johnson Financial Group and the difference can be wrapped around our approach.

First, we use a Behavioral Financial Consulting Approach.  What this means is that we work with our clients to develop their Vision and then connect our solutions around their Vision.

Second, we have developed a Team Approach over the last 20 years.  Each person on our team has expertise to help bring our clients' Vision to life.  We also work extensively within our team to help each person grow both personally and professionally.

We are part of a world-class network within Northwestern Mutual which helps provide us with innovative solutions in working with some of the most successful people within the United States.

Third, every client gets an annual Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan built around their personal, professional, and financial goals integrated with their tax, legal, investment and insurance planning.


Our 3-Step Process

We believe that our process is what makes what we do different, new and attractive.  With that in mind I would like to share with you three things we do that defines who owe are and our unique process.

1.) Discovery Planning Process:

We believe that we must start out by finding out what it is that you want your future to look like.  This is important because it is this future that will drive your present.  By asking you a series of questions which will help to lead to your own insight into your future will help you to provide you the clarity and meaningfulness to make wise choices both today and tomorrow in order to secure your future tomorrow, today.

2.) Aligning Actions with Intentions

What we have found in working with successful people is that they take action on what they believe.  Nothing happens until you choose to take action.  It is this step that allows for your overall plan to come to life.

3.) Implementation Process   

This is accomplished through our Client Engagement Roadmap meetings where we meet face-to-face to review progress, continue to refine your vision, identify what challenges you might be facing, and to increase your confidence of realization of your future.  This on-going process allows us to continue to build our relationship as well as coach you through both difficult and challenging times that you will face.  We see our role in this state as helping you to continue to make good decisions, and avoid making inappropriate decision about what to do and what not to do regarding your portfolio.  Our process is goal-focused and planning driven.  This helps us to help you regarding successful investing which we believe involves constantly acting toward the realization of your future, and not reacting to whatever the market happens to be doing at the moment.


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